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Friday, July 31, 2009

14 December 2006

When I met my husband one of the things that I drew me to him was his description of a perfect date being one where both people spend a day looking at the world through their respective camera lenses, then share their pictures with each other to see the world through each others eyes. We had our first camera date on the 14th of December 2006 in the area around Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas.
We both took a lot of pictures, which turned out to be a lot of pictures of the same things. The difference being that he had a lot of close ups and attention to detail, where as I tended to point the camera up and take in more of my surroundings. This truly says a lot about us and out personalities. He is very detail oriented where as I tend to look at the bigger picture. It forces us to meet in the middle where we can actually do good work together.
I was recently reminded of this by a friend who mentioned the date to another friend as a way of explaining why I had over 700 pictures from my last vacation, and most of them were not recognizable as tourist attractions.
Then last night I was transferring pictures from one computer to the other and I found the pictures I took and thought it might be nice to post some of them here.
I only have my pictures because at the time Jason was not getting discs made when he developed his film.

World's largest soft serve ;)
(a church actually)

If you glance quickly at this one it looks like a couple of candles.

Yes, this church is tiny.

The ceiling.

Throwing caution to the wind!

Yes I can find the beauty in the bleakness of modern design, thank you for noticing!

So pretty, I wish some would grow in my back yard.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paris or New Orleans

I've decided to make this blog more interactive so I'm introducing a silly game at least once a week from now on. Since I know at least 4 people read this, I am expecting at least 4 participants so get your thinking caps on!

This is a pretty straight forward game. Below are six pictures, some from Paris, some from New Orleans. Your goal is to figure out which is which, and post your answers in the comments. Bonus points if you can name the exact location that the pictures were taken at (which would be impressive since even I can't name all of them).
After one week, or once I see at least 4 guesses, I'll post the answers in the comments.

Here we go!


B. C.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucky Mud

This is Lucky Mud
Lucky is the queen of her jungle...
Which is actually not a jungle, it's a room... the house.

She is an accomplished pianist.
Her original compositions include; "Can a Kitty Get Some Kibble?", "More Water Please!", and "My Litter Box Needs Cleanings!"

She can not has cheezburgers.
(no sir!)
She prefers corn and asparagus!
(yes please!)

She's a little cross eyed.
But she's gosh darned cute!

Lucky is a hunter! (Rawr!)
She stalks her catnip filled prey!

Lucky is an old lady now,
But she has the energy of a kitten.

Just ask Luke.
(she beat him up!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


This is Penny

She is a princess and she is very much in control of the house.

Observe...Penny shows the house monkeys that she is top dog...

...and sometimes that tickles.

Penny is a very pretty dog...

Of course she has some bad days.
We all do.

She is very dainty.

She loves to have her belly rubbed.
Arrrr! Fierce fangs!

Sometimes she would just like to be left alone...
...which is difficult with a brother and sister always running about.

Penny has a pretty smile.

She is the queen of the back yard.
She is, after all, a dignified lady.

Friday, July 24, 2009


This is SallyAlso known as Sally Sue...
Salamander Sousaphone...
Snoozy Sue...

And about 500 other Sassy names including Zombie Brain.

She can be very pretty...

But sometimes, she is not so pretty...

She is the queen of all things sassy
and ZaZZy.

What is ZaZZy, you ask?
Well, I would tell you if I could, but I can't, ZaZZy Sally is a phenomenon one must experience for themselves (it usually involves face-lickin' and tail waggin').

Occasionally Sally is found doing bad thing... eating bones in the bed. 8:35pm, apparently.

Once upon a time she was a very sweet puppy (awwwwww!)

She's still pretty sweet...

...when she wants to be.

Sally is... homegirl.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is Luke:

He is extremely ferocious.

That is...

...when he gets off the couch...


...the floor.

He can be a handful, but that is not his fault, his name is Luke after all.

He is a deep thinker.

He is likely thinking about ways to get to the kitty. Or perhaps planning an ambush on his sisters. What ever it is, it's a deeeeeeep thought.

You can just tell these things about Luke.

He can hide very well.

If Luke could talk, I imagine he would sound like Shaq, because both Luke and Shaq are like dinosaurs, or maybe Godzilla.

Luke is up to date on the current events...

of the front yard.

There is no one else like Luke.
Except maybe Shaq.
But Shaq likely disagrees.
And Luke can't play basketball.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Thoughts on Europe with flowers

Over all our trip to Europe was all that I expected and more. I saw some stupid American tourists, and I also saw stupid people from all over the world. I was happy to learn that Americans are not the only rude and culturally ignorant folks out there, though I was dismayed to learn that most people are just plain inconsiderate no matter what language they speak*.
We all need to do a better job an curbing that behavior. I plan to try harder starting right now.
I wish that we had more time because there was so much more to see and it seemed like we were leaving each place just as we had started to become accustomed to the differences. I must, however, admit that walking through the door and seeing our dogs and our bed made us very happy to be home. If all goes as planned we will be returning to Europe in the fall. This time to the UK. I do hope it works out for us. In the mean time keep reading. I'm hoping to start putting up some photos from previous trips as well as photos taken locally interspersed with what I hope will be humorous and witty stories. Heck, I may just write a story or two as well.
The next post though, will be a photo essay of Luke, our happy, lazy, and very ferocious boy dog.
Thanks for reading :)

*Please don't get me wrong, we met a lot of very nice and helpful people. I'm just dispelling the myth that Americans are worse. Please note the elephant's expression. That's about how I feel about the whole matter. It's even funnier if you know why he is making that face (scroll down to the first paragraph of "other works").

Now Please enjoy these flowers that I photographed along the way:

At the Base of the Eiffel Tower

In the window box outside our hotel room

In a garden near the Louvre

Same Garden

Near the Eiffel Tower

In the ruins of Rome

Near the Eiffel Tower