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Friday, July 31, 2009

14 December 2006

When I met my husband one of the things that I drew me to him was his description of a perfect date being one where both people spend a day looking at the world through their respective camera lenses, then share their pictures with each other to see the world through each others eyes. We had our first camera date on the 14th of December 2006 in the area around Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas.
We both took a lot of pictures, which turned out to be a lot of pictures of the same things. The difference being that he had a lot of close ups and attention to detail, where as I tended to point the camera up and take in more of my surroundings. This truly says a lot about us and out personalities. He is very detail oriented where as I tend to look at the bigger picture. It forces us to meet in the middle where we can actually do good work together.
I was recently reminded of this by a friend who mentioned the date to another friend as a way of explaining why I had over 700 pictures from my last vacation, and most of them were not recognizable as tourist attractions.
Then last night I was transferring pictures from one computer to the other and I found the pictures I took and thought it might be nice to post some of them here.
I only have my pictures because at the time Jason was not getting discs made when he developed his film.

World's largest soft serve ;)
(a church actually)

If you glance quickly at this one it looks like a couple of candles.

Yes, this church is tiny.

The ceiling.

Throwing caution to the wind!

Yes I can find the beauty in the bleakness of modern design, thank you for noticing!

So pretty, I wish some would grow in my back yard.


  1. That spiral ceiling is gorgeously done! I'm sure at high noon those windows just light up. I have no clue what veggie the last is but it's very nicely done. Good job!

  2. Thanks bodoba! It's actually just grass. My yard has trouble with that one ;)