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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Apology

Before I get started on the next installment I would like to address the absolutely poor quality of my last entry. I thought about going in and editing out the typos and grammatical mistakes but I have decided that I'm leaving it as is. I was pretty tired and rushed when I wrote it, so I am leaving it up as a lesson to myself about why I should take the time to do a quality job.Yeah, so...on with the Crève!
Please accept these photos of people photographing the Eiffel Tower as a token of my appreciation.

ZOMG!1!!@! look at this dork!

You just know this kid gave his friend the camera and was all "Dude, I'm gonna run over there by the armed guards and do something funny, you take the picture ok???"

AHHHHH! They're coming right at us!!! ZOOOOOOOOOMBEEEEEEE!!!!!!
(that one on the right in the weird gym clothes gives me the creeeeeeps!)

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