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Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Thoughts on Europe with flowers

Over all our trip to Europe was all that I expected and more. I saw some stupid American tourists, and I also saw stupid people from all over the world. I was happy to learn that Americans are not the only rude and culturally ignorant folks out there, though I was dismayed to learn that most people are just plain inconsiderate no matter what language they speak*.
We all need to do a better job an curbing that behavior. I plan to try harder starting right now.
I wish that we had more time because there was so much more to see and it seemed like we were leaving each place just as we had started to become accustomed to the differences. I must, however, admit that walking through the door and seeing our dogs and our bed made us very happy to be home. If all goes as planned we will be returning to Europe in the fall. This time to the UK. I do hope it works out for us. In the mean time keep reading. I'm hoping to start putting up some photos from previous trips as well as photos taken locally interspersed with what I hope will be humorous and witty stories. Heck, I may just write a story or two as well.
The next post though, will be a photo essay of Luke, our happy, lazy, and very ferocious boy dog.
Thanks for reading :)

*Please don't get me wrong, we met a lot of very nice and helpful people. I'm just dispelling the myth that Americans are worse. Please note the elephant's expression. That's about how I feel about the whole matter. It's even funnier if you know why he is making that face (scroll down to the first paragraph of "other works").

Now Please enjoy these flowers that I photographed along the way:

At the Base of the Eiffel Tower

In the window box outside our hotel room

In a garden near the Louvre

Same Garden

Near the Eiffel Tower

In the ruins of Rome

Near the Eiffel Tower

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