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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First stop: The Louve!

Sunday 28 June. Woke up at 10am due in part to jet lag and in part to German MTV which has no shame what so ever. I'm not going to put the video here, but if you click THIS LINK you will see what I'm talking about. Right around 1:07 is the first promo we saw.
Okay now that I got that out of my system, on to the culture!
But first a stop for coffee at Chez Jean, a little bakery/convenience market (well, the closest thing that Paris had to a convenience store). A large coffee in Europe is about 12 oz, usually less. Oh yeah, and the average price is about 3€ which is about $4.50. Suddenly Starbucks doesn't look like a bad value eh?
Ok the Louvre, here it is, pretty huh?
The Louvre is huge. We spent most of the day there and I doubt that we actually saw all of it. The Venus de Milo is just sitting right there when you walk into one of the halls. I didn't get a picture mainly because of the people crowding about and well, to be honest, it looks exactly like all the pictures you have already seen. Poor lass is just hanging out there, flashing the world and unable to attempt any modesty with her missing arms (which we found, actually, or at least some arms, outside near the Concorde, forgot to get a pic of those too :( I suck).

The Mona Lisa was there, smirking like she's just soooo superior to all the other paintings, behind her glass and velvet ropes. I did get a decent people-free picture of her though. Sometimes being tall has it's advantages. I had hoped to see her a little closer up though. You know, to see what they hype is all about (art hype, not that Da Vinci code stuff. Saw part of that on the plane back, boooooring!).
There was also the actual Code of Hammurabi which again, was just there, right in the middle of the museum, with no real security at all. I guess the Louvre is just relying on most people to have snoozed through ancient history and not actually fathom what it was that they were looking at. I mean, this was the most ancient artifact that we saw on our trip and we went to Rome!
The ceiling was rather impressive and I did spend a fair amount of time snapping photos of it. This fire breathing dog at the bottom of the page though, has got to be one of my favorites.
We actually returned to the Louvre on Tuesday, the day they are closed, to get some fantastic people-free shots of the inverted pyramid. It's weird to me that the same architect designed Dallas City Hall and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame AND the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse. Small world indeed for a small man with a great vision of upside down triangles.
After the Louvre we headed to the Bastille for lunch, which ended up being Indian food because Bastille is very touristy and filled with Starbucks and McDonalds and the like. I actually did not get a picture of the Bastille monument. Luckily though, Jason did.
This day is only half over. Next up is the first of our many monumental walks that nearly killed us. I still have the blisters and sore muscles to prove it!

Don't forget kids, Bastille Day is July 14th!

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