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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucky Mud

This is Lucky Mud
Lucky is the queen of her jungle...
Which is actually not a jungle, it's a room... the house.

She is an accomplished pianist.
Her original compositions include; "Can a Kitty Get Some Kibble?", "More Water Please!", and "My Litter Box Needs Cleanings!"

She can not has cheezburgers.
(no sir!)
She prefers corn and asparagus!
(yes please!)

She's a little cross eyed.
But she's gosh darned cute!

Lucky is a hunter! (Rawr!)
She stalks her catnip filled prey!

Lucky is an old lady now,
But she has the energy of a kitten.

Just ask Luke.
(she beat him up!)


  1. Awww that kitty is so cute! Those are some great pics of her!