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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Side Trip that I Forgot to Mention

Before getting to Tuesday's action I have to apologize for skipping over part of Monday's .
As I mentioned, we were a bit disoriented at the Chatelet stop and ended up in a mall. We apparently exited the mall on the wrong side and serendipitously found St. Eustache church and Henri de Miller's sculpture, "L'ecoute."
Strangely, very little information about this sculpture appears online so I do not know much of anything about the artist or what it is that we are supposed to be listening to (ecouter means to listen en français).
What I find interesting about this though is that there is no mention of the fact that if we assume that the head and hand are part of the same body, then this positioning is almost impossible to achieve. Yes, I tried it, yes, I looked weird doing it. You know you just tried it too. You looked weird too.
As you can see from the photo, the statue has been tagged because apparently people in France are just as respectful of art as people in the states. The second picture, with more close up detail was taken by Jason.

St. Eustache is huge, and not overly ornate. The columns and arches are mostly concrete and all of the decorations seem to be in the alcoves along the walls. I do not think that any of the pictures here show the true scale of size.

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