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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Epic Husband Is Epic

My husband and I's 2 year anniversary is coming up soon, September 7th to be exact.
I had a plan...
You see, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebratory moments are made ever more special with Jason around. He does everything big. And he has the element of surprise. I would love to post the picture of the Valentine's day where he rented a giant heart costume and jumped out at me when I came home from work, but he has other ideas about what should and should not be posted on the internet.
Instead, here's a couple of pictures from our first anniversary:

The first anniversary is paper. The entire livingroom was gift wrapped and that is 24 rolls of toilet paper that our dogs are enjoying.

I decided that this year, our cotton anniversary, I was going to get him. I scheduled a day off of work without telling him and I was going to decorate proper.
He beat me to the punch AGAIN!

As I was leaving work, I received a text message from Jason, asking me to pick up a t-shirt from a local printer. Apparently this was supposed to be a new shirt for his band (which is called Raised By Tigers, yes this is the link) but he was stuck at work and could not get it. He tells me that the shop would be closed but that they would leave it outside for me.
Now, to a normal person this would sound suspicious, but the town we live in is very laid back and I wouldn't put it past a local shop to do this. Now to get to the shop, I had to deviate from my normal way home and drive past Frenchy's Lawn Service, which is something of a Denton icon. Frenchy has a fleet of bright orange trucks which are parked all over town and are often used as billboards to promote local businesses, support the troops, and often times they are simply "happy ads", announcements and well wishes and the like.
Can you see where this is going?
As I past the Frenchy trucks something caught my eye, it was my name. This is what I saw:

I kept my cool, didn't drive off the side of the road or anything, picked up the shirt (which was folded up and sitting next to the door), and drove home. Needless to say, my husband's car was in the driveway, he was not, as he claimed, stuck at work.
There was a white cotton cloth stuck to the door. This was a sign that there was more to come. This is what I saw when I opened the door:
The entire living room was covered in cotton sheets and t-shirts.
There is a story about the t-shirts that I should probably not share with the world but I will. You see my husband, being the smart one, thought it was best for us to take our relationship slow in the beginning. I was extremely impatient and wanted to spend all of our time together attached at the face. There was one such evening when I went over to his house expecting some serious snuggle time, but he had other plans. He was sorting his t-shirts to put some into storage. I spent the evening listening to him tell the story of each shirt.
After that night I hated t-shirts.
He claims the t-shirts were to stop him as much as me.
I still got him in the end, and I'm lucky I did. I have the best husband ever.
And I will get him back, maybe not for the anniversary, but there's Christmas, Valentine's day, his birthday....
And of course I'll blog about it when I do.


  1. I like the Polka shirt, and the DARE one is in remarkably good shape, considering how much vomit they attract. Happy analversusry!

  2. what is made of win?
    it is cute, you two are quite a pair. good luck topping that.

  3. What is it with men and their t-shirts? My husband has millions of them too!