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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Epic Ode to the Internet

Hello my fellow interweb friends!
I've decided that I'm going to spend some time discussing the wonder that is the World Wide Web and how it has affected our daily life.

I am starting a movement. A movement of awesomness. Within the week I will be cobbling together a second blog with the details. Please tell all of your friends, especially friends with well written, yet under served blogs, because they will like my movement.

On to the 'tubes!

My first installment of web-musings is a song. This song is set to "My Favorite Things."

As you read along, feel free to imagine it being sung by Julie Andrews, Diana Ross, or Björk:

Overdubbed cartoons and captions on kitties
Crying transvestites and sweets that aren't pretty
Crosseyed and mulleted pictures of kin
This is why the interweb's made of win
Weird ginger crooners and deco fly swatters
All that you need to know of Harry Potter
Cartoons that charm with a big silly grin
This is why the interweb's made of win
Dead reptile retail and slang definitions
Snark at the office and tragic ambitions
Things that can never be unseen again
This is why the interweb's made of win
Just click on this link at your own risk and this
Is why the web is teh best!

tee hee!

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  1. haha awww that's such a sweet song. You're so artistic!