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Monday, August 17, 2009

Lost in Translation

First of all I would like to apologize for my weekend absence. We are nearing the finish of some kitchen renovations that have been going on longer than they should and I merrily spent the weekend covered in thin set mortar.

On task!

I have for your viewing pleasure today a collection of photo observations* into the hilarious nature of our everyday. Please enjoy!

This was in the hallway at work on one particularly rainy day:

I Get the reference, but I've actually never seen the movie.

Taken at Starbucks the other day:

I really wanted to ask which one was the whole banana, but alas, of the 4 kids working 3 were young males who might have taken me to be a creepy cougar, which is creepy.

Meanwhile back in Rome:

I figured this to be a John Lennon/Yoko Ono reference or something like that but it turns out to be some lame viral sticker quest.

Taken on the south side of Binghamton NY in November of 2006:
My best guess is that the parents of a teenager will only let him/her drive the car with this warning. Either that or it's a disgruntled buyer who went to Carfax a little too late.

Taken on the highway, yes, we were stopped so no, I wasn't doing anything dangerous:
If you are unable to read it, the truck says "YODA, INC"
Do or do not, there is no drive?

And finally a lil' dose of Engrish found, where else but your friendly neighborhood Dolla' Sto'!

It says: "Blood friend is used come to visit, convenient, clean dust prevention, dispense with escape from shoe vexation."
This is a package of thin plastic sheaths that you put over your shoes to prevent dirt from getting in somewhere. I bought them when we were sanding the hardwood floors.
I'll not expound on what the first statement sounds like it is referring to. I think you can see it too, at least if you are a woman. But clean dust prevention? I'd like to prevent all dust, not just the clean kind!

I've got more of the same so stay tuned. Meanwhile I'm going to go escape my own shoe vexations!

*All photos have been taken by me but I won't complain if any of them turn into some silly meme or anything.

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  1. Haha! Those are hilarious! Good luck with the renos!