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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oddball Vacations 2: Going International

Today's vacation destination is Småland, Sweden.
What's this, you ask?
A province in the south of Sweden known for two things, barren soil and the birthplace of Ikea!
Among other attractions, Småland has 3 national parks and many beautiful traditional farm houses. And Sweden is a nature lovers paradise.
Getting to Småland from most places in Europe is relatively inexpensive thanks to low cost carrier, Ryanair. For the rest of us it may not be as frugal.
For the rest of us, Here is a low cost option: Go to Ikea.
No really, Ikea is like an amusement park for grownups. There's a huge parking lot and you never can find a spot close to the gate, er, entrance. Once inside there are maps and catalogs and pencils and order forms and and and....whew! I'm excited already. Don't forget to get in the long line for the bathrooms before ascending the escalator to the showroom!
Once inside the showroom you are in for hours of thrills. Go ahead, sit on the POÄNG chair and bounce to your hearts content!
Lie on the beds! Assemble a virtual kitchen!
If your hungry you can opt to dine in the restaurant or pick up a treat on the go at the snack bar.
And let's be honest, even if you walk away with an entire new living room set, it's still cheaper than a Disney vacation.*

In writing this I remembered this little gem of a cartoon: Weebl and Bob go to Pikea. Watch it for the funnies! Don't forget to click the "next" link for the exciting conclusion.

*No, I am NOT joking about this

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