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Monday, August 24, 2009

Oddball Vacations: The List

In an effort to not spend too much more time on this silly trend, I'm going to list a slew of places that you should visit in list form.
For some reason inspiration hit me on the way home from work today and I have 3 separate and very different topics to blog about and I need to get to them before I forget about them.

Moving along, here is the list:

Walla Walla, WA: Do I have to explain? Is there a cooler name? Well, yes, keep reading.

Darwin, Minnesota or Cawker City, Kansas : Both lay claim to the World's Biggest Ball of Twine.

Sioux City, IA
: Rather, Sioux Gateway Airport, which has the 3 letter code SUX. Be sure to buy some SUX merch while you are there.

Oxford, NS: The Wild Blueberry Capital of Canada. Also home to this Blueberry Man statue that looks like the love child of Kool-Aid Man and a Smurf. Somewhere I have a picture of one of my friends sitting next to him but it hasn't been digitized yet.

Fukuoka, Japan: The only Airport code better than SUX is FUK

Iceland: It's good enough for Bjork! Ok, maybe it's not so weird, but Bjork is so Iceland makes the list.

And here's a bonus feature: Places you can't go (because they are fake):

Bedford Falls
Shermer, IL
Liberty City
The City Of Townsville

How many of these do you know?
Post your scores in the comments!
10 points each for a possible 100%

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  1. I have actually been to Walla Walla, Darwin, and SUX...