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Monday, August 31, 2009

Six lbs Of Mashed Potatoes

I miss cooking.
We have been renovating the kitchen for a while now and we are getting to the point where we can see the light at the end of the fridge, er, tunnel.
As August comes to an end I am already thinking about pulling the sweaters out and not running the air conditioning. Of course, being in Texas I'm a little premature in thinking this way. We may not be breaking 100 anymore but we still have a month, at least, of summer. But we've had a particularly hot one this year and I am so over it. I'm ready for the chilly nights and rainy days.
And I'm ready for some good old fashioned autumn cooking!
Since returning from Europe, Jason has done most of the cooking, and can he cook! He has made some incredibly delicious dinners and as much as I appreciate the fact that he does this so that I have more of my evening to myself (I commute an hour each way, he commutes 5 minutes), I can not wait to witness the power of our fully armed and operational battle
The Kitchen Aid stand mixer will be put through trials, not just mashed potatoes. I'm talking home made pasta, hearty vegetable stews, squash soup, every kind of bread imaginable, home made cheese, cakes, cookies...
I suppose I'll have to start exercising again, won't I?


  1. I'm sure it's very tasty but from that angle it looks like it might just be Dune bread. Anyway, I think we know who'll be controlling the spice in your house.

  2. I am so completely jealous of your stand mixer! Don't forget all those scrumptious cakes you can now whip together!

  3. Actually that's a plain old dinner roll, I didn't make it, The Gumbo Shop in New Orleans did. It was the only food picture that I had on my comp :)