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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tis the Season

September is almost here which means I am about to be extra busy. September through February is not only my busiest season at work, but it's also the time of year that encompasses every family member's birthday, our anniversary, my parents anniversary, plus 4 major holidays. On top of all that we are planning another trip overseas, this time London and Amsterdam.
On top of all that, I promised my husband that I would start writing again. He has a bit more confidence in my abilities than I do since he seems to think I'm going to write the next Harry Potter or something.
If this sounds like I'm trying to make excuses, well, I am. I'm not abandoning this blog by any means, but my posts will likely be shorter for a while.
I'm still going to try to post a blog a day on Your Blog Is Awesome, as long as I can keep finding awesome blogs.
Stay in touch! I promise some especially good posts, especially after the holidays when I can post all of my failed attempts at home made gifts!

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  1. keep blogging, i like it, you are a hoot