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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Travel Agent Humor

I spend eight hours of my day sending business professionals from a certain global corporation all over the world. I'm not complaining, I got into travel because I like to travel, have traveled a wee bit and feel I can offer something extra to the weary Blackberry Jockeys of the world.
In the course of a typical workday I generally come across something that amuses me, such as a funny name, or National Car Rental's slogan; Go Like A Pro. Another source of amusement is the interesting juxtaposition of certain airport codes.
Like I mentioned in the last post, there are some three letter airport codes that are funny all by themselves, however, there are some that require a little help from their friends.
For example, LAX, the code for Los Angeles, does not seem very funny by itself, but if you were to book a direct flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles, your ticket would show: MEXLAX.
Some of the funniest, unfortunately, never appear as there are no direct flights. Here's a few examples:
Marmul, Oman to Nomad River, Papua New Guinea: OMMNOM
Derby Field, NV to Cat Island, Bahamas: LOLCAT
Omega Airport, Nambia to Derby Field,NV: OMGLOL
Hot Springs, AR to Sembach, Germany: HOTSEX
Sembach to Burtonwood, UK: BUTSEX
Dumai, Indonesia to Burtonwood: DUMBUT

And yes, it gets more childish than that.

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