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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So That's What Steam Punk Means

No really, I didn't know. This term, Steam Punk, kept showing up in craft forums, gaming forums and today it showed up on You Suck At Craigslist. So I finally went out to the big bad webs and looked it up. Apparently the origin of the term is contested, but it refers to a style that combines the Victorian era with anachronistic technology such as airships, automatons and all matter of clockworks.
I'm down with that. To a point.
I love robots, especially the robots of the "future" that were supposed to take over the world by the 21st century. Robots with tin faces and cogs a plenty. Robots that made strange clank woosh clank woosh! noises when they walked. Robots that spoke in terrifyingly monotone voices. The kind of robots that caused panic and inspired the career of Isaac Asimov.
And I'm rather fond of the Victorian era which is in many ways not unlike modern times. The rise of the middle class pushing the poor into worsening circumstance, technology advancing at a rapid pace, the rise of the occult and new scientific insights into psychiatry and psychiatric medicine. Yep, the Victorian era brought us Sigmund Freud and Aleister Crowley (That's Mr. Crowley to you, Ozzie!). And fashion, we can't forget about the bustles and petticoats and corsets. This was the era of "it hurts to be beautiful."
So merge these two things and you have Steam Punk. Cool, like I said, I'm down with it.
Except the goggles, what's up with the goggles?

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  1. Wow! I've just learned something new! And your comparisons between the victorian era and this current era ring eerily similar. i should go outside and appreciate the smell of fresh cut grass just to make sure I'm not a robot.

  2. I don't get the goggles either. I first heard of Steam Punk when I saw it popping up in belly dance costuming. Someone explained it to me as if that Will Smith movie when he's a cowboy was real life.