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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

I'm in pain. Serious pain. I have soreness in places that I didn't know exist. My absence from the blogging world this week is due to the reason I am so sore. We are almost done with the kitchen and we have been working our butts off. Actually, Jason has been doing 200% of the work so I shouldn't complain, but last night we grouted well into the wee hours of the night and I paid for it today.
We began serious work over Memorial Day weekend, 2007, with a bathroom renovation that was supposed to be a weekend project:

This is what we had at the end of the weekend. Rotted subflloor, lead pipes, rotten insulation, rotted piers. The bottom picture shows the laundry room, bathroom and a bit of what would become my office. The original bathroom dimensions were 4ft by 4ft or something equally small. We used the fact that we had to cut out so much rotten floor as an opportunity to extend to a full bath.
About a year later we were done, and then it was on to the kitchen and back room.
This picture of Luke shows the horrible linoleum that was the previous kitchen floor:
I have pictures of the completed bathroom, but I can't find them :(
Here is the evolution of my office:

The last picture doesn't look al the way in, but it's better that way, you don't need to see the chaos. Not too shabby though right? That's Jason's guitar, Penny's just trying to look cool posing with it.
The kitchen used to be Galley style, smack dab in the middle of the house, with claustrophobic cabinets that sat too low leaving only about a foot of space to work on the awful yellow tiled counter tops. I don't have any pictures, I wish I did. It had a crazy copper tiled wall which might have looked nice in another room, but not this one.
We knocked out a few walls and put up a cedar support beam. We're planning on doing cedar trim throughout. I picked the color, it's Valspar's Paris Green. The opposite wall is going to be a slightly darker accent color that will run the entire length of the kitchen and living room.

And here's a picture of the amazing husband in motion, without whom none of this would have ever got done, or at least, without whom this would have been done half assed and would have fallen apart already:

And here's me, looking like I did a lot of work, when really I just like making a mess:

We are so close to having a kitchen that I can almost taste six pounds of mashed potatoes!


  1. That's looks like hard work. It's hard work living in a semi-building site.

    (It frightens me how I can spot Ikea at a glance. Worse than that - I know most of the names. It's like ornithology for me.)

  2. I love the tile in the kitchen!
    I, too, have a galley kitchen, but my background in commercial cooking makes it a perfect fit.
    Now, if I could just keep Gonzo out of there while I'm cooking...

  3. I'm exhausted just looking at the pictuers! I can't believe how much work you've done! Oh and my sis tried to get new flooring in her place and had rotting subfloor to greet her too, not a happy scence. I feel for ya.

  4. If I had my way everything in the house would come from Ikea. I love that it's not an investment. I personally can't justify spending several thousand on a living room set that I'm going to be sick of before it's paid off. Muddy dogs on the sofa? No problem, it was $199!