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Monday, October 5, 2009

Groan, Shuffle Shuffle, Groan, BRAINS!!!

So what's up with Zombies? Seriously, zombies are the new "it" creature of the night.
I'd like to blame sparkling vampires for this, really, I would. But I think there's a deeper rooted cause. The economic crisis.
Think about it. What's so great about zombies? Wouldn't you rather be a glamorous vampire or a fierce werewolf or even a witch? Zombies are weak. I should know, I play a lot of Castlevania and zombies are a level one enemy which means they die when you breathe on them.
But in all seriousness, or as serious as I can be talking about zombies, I think the allure of zombies is the fact that there is no allure. Zombies are brainless, soulless reanimated corpses whose sole purpose in to eat brains and make more zombies, kind of like the Borg, but without the hive structure and cyberpunk accessories.
We are living in dark economic times. Who in today's world can relate to the rich, aristocratic vampires living in castles? Dracula certainly has enough money to avoid forclosure, but the mcmansion owners don't. Who can relate to the predatory werewolves? I'd venture to say not even the hot shots of Wall Street, these days.
And that leaves us with zombies. Soullessly, mindlessly plodding along with the crowd, performing the same redundant and meaningless task day in and day out. The unemployed, the under employed, everyone who has taken a pay cut to avoid a lay off, who can't relate?
Personally, this is my favorite zombie of them all:


  1. Interesting theory there on the popularity of the zombies.

    I can't watch that boy. He gives me the heebeejeebies. Brr. Which reminds me...

  2. Though interestingly, I haven't seen very many zombie movies that aren't in some way comedies (Sean of the Dead, Black Sheep - the NZ one with zombie sheep, Zombieland, etc.), whereas vampire and werewolf movies tend to be more dramatic (and full of teenage angst...) I guess it's hard to be taken seriously if you are missing your brain...

  3. My husband agrees with your castlevania analysis.

  4. He likes turtles? Did he say that to confuse the reporter, because it worked! (Too bad he didn't say he liked brains!)

  5. mmmm bbrrraaainnnssssss. Dawn of the Dead. 28 Days Later. White Zombie.