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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Huge Refrigerator is HUGE

Jason and I acquired this behemoth from his mother last year. It sat in our garage until recently, owing to the fact that until recently, our kitchen was a hole in the middle of the house.
Last night we went grocery shopping, I mean REAL grocery shopping. For the last several months grocery shopping was a small, sordid ritual of buying what we needed for that night's dinner. Last night we bought everything we could think of to stock up for at least one Kroger-free week. We used a trolley instead of our usual hand basket. My car's spacious trunk wa full. We bought 5, FIVE loaves of bread (good, sprouted grain low carb bread) and 4 cartons of soy milk! It took both of us two trips to unload the car.
And this fridge...
...still looks empty.


  1. Isn't it strange. As soon a I looked at it the Doctor Who theme music began to play in my mind.

    This fridge means you have either have lots of babies, lots of parties or a corpse to hide in order to justify its existence.