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Monday, December 21, 2009

Additional Information Supplied By Dad

I was talking to my father the other day about the stories that I've been putting up here and he gave me some amusing information to add to them.
From the story about the Christmas socks where I mentioned my little brother's voice activated truck: At that time my two brothers shared a bedroom and my oldest brother frequently talked in his sleep. Apparently he would speak loud enough to activate the truck, which would wake my dad from a dead sleep.
I do not remember this but my bedroom was down the hall and my parent's shared a wall with my brothers' room. I do however remember a doll that my sister had called "Baby Boo-Hoo" that would cry if its pacifier fell out of its mouth. I shared a room with my sister at the time and would frequently wake up to Baby Boo-Hoo crying for her mama because my sister had shifted enough for the pacifier to fall.

From yesterday's elf story: My father supplies that my sister also had an irrational fear of her dolls coming to life and attacking her while she slept. I do vaguely remember this part only because I remember one highly amusing night when my sister would not calm down. My mother had come to her wits end trying to pacify my sister and decided to take an alternate route which involved saying "Oh my gosh! What's that in your closet?"
Before my sister could scream my mom opened the doors, pulled out a couple of dresses on hangers and proceeded to hum the Star Wars Cantina song and wave the dresses around as if they were dancing.
It worked, my sister was cracking up, I was cracking up, my brother had come in to see what was going on and was cracking up. I'll wager getting us back into bed was a disaster though.
So if anyone wants to know where I get my smart ass from, it's hereditary.


  1. I think many people have the fear of dolls coming to life...thanks chucky.

  2. I love that evil closet dolls at your house knew Star Wars!