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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

First off I would like to say Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope that your day is wonderful!

Second, I would like to say that I am not someone who dreams of a white Christmas, but it seems that we have one none the less.
This Picture was taken at about 5pm Christmas Eve:
I'll now remind everyone that I live in Texas and that it was 70 degrees yesterday.

I'm very grateful that work was extremely slow today and I was able to leave early. Otherwise I would have been driving through this and I'd likely still be on the road six hours later rather than writing this.

So at long last it is Christmas and for my last Christmas story of the season I'd like to share the gifts that Jason and I made for each other this year.
Our first Christmas together was not even a month into our relationship so we didn't really do presents, but our second Christmas was also our first as husband and wife and that was the year that we started our tradition of making presents. That year we each made one set of chess pieces for the other so we had a complete, yet stylistically different set. Last year we each built a game for each other. This year we each made a work of art.
Jason actually made five different and completely awesome works of art:

This picture was made with wood dye and pourable plastic. He made everything, including the frame. This photo does not do it justice at all.
The photo below is of a wooden box with a light inside. On the light is another piece made with the plastic and green nylon fibers from a duster:
Melted styrofoam on plywood, again, the picture doesn't do it justice:
Oil paint that has been heated and cracked. Again Jason made the frame as well:
I'm beginning to think this one is my favorite, that is if I had to choose. It's a drinking glass filled with styrofoam and plastic on a base of sculpted foam with an led light:

By comparison I slacked. I'm rather proud of the box I made though. I chose the sheet music lining because Jason is a musician (an extremely talented one at that):

I'm a hack artist and fancy myself more a craftsman so I went with a kaleidescope:
Actually, I made two because I wasn't sure how either were going to work. It's impossible to made wooden tubes:
A view through the scope:

Next year, we have decided, we are going to pick something that we can work together on. The secretive nature of these gifts has been a lot of fun, but we tend to see very little of each other during the holidays because of them.

Now go carve your roast beast, deck your halls and may your day be merry and bright!


  1. Wow! Sure beats bath salts and neck ties.

    Merry xmas.

  2. I like your husband's blue light sculpture too. Did you have to make your kaleidoscopes on a lathe? They're pretty cool.

    My husband makes abstract paintings every now and then for me, but never any sculptures.

  3. Oh, I was going to comment about the snow too! It looks like your dogs are enjoying the freakish weather. I'm in the Midwest, and we're snowed in for the holidays. My Minnesotan grandparents postponed their party for the first time that I’ve known it’s so bad this year.

  4. No lathe, that's one pf the tools my husband actually doesn't own. The first one is rings of cherry, mahagony and oak glued together. The second is actually two mangowood candle holders that I sanded all of the lacquer off of and drilled through with a forstner bit.

  5. What a great tradition! One vote for the cracked oil paint piece. Also most impressed with the kaleidoscopes. Is the snow gone yet?