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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Kitchen Bliss

I've been kicking around the idea of separating this blog into separate blogs about different things, such as cooking, travel, crafts, etc...
But then I realized that would be more work and I scrapped the idea. Once I have a bit more free time, around the beginning of the year, I do want to dedicate certain days of the week to blogging about different things. In the meantime, I'm going to share some more scenes from my kitchen.
First up in the squash soup that I mentioned in a previous post:

I use a base of onion, garlic, celery and carrots with some pepper and sage sauteed in butter, then add some vegetable stock. The butternut squash is steamed until soft and mashed into the mixture. Cream is added at the end to thicken slightly and lighten the color. The cheese you see in the back ground is Cabot's extra sharp cheddar and gruyere, though I can't remember the brand. We picked up this island over the weekend from, of all places, Big Lots. It's bamboo with a stainless steel surface, and gives us the extra cabinet and counter space that we so desperately needed.

And because we now have a huge fridge and ample cupboard space, we can go to the grocery store and buy enough produce for the entire week. And because I have a digital camera, I can waste 5 minutes artfully arranging the produce and snapping pictures of it:

Here is the side table which holds the Star Wars cookbook. Yes, it does say "Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Treats." How cool is that?

A close up of the freshly harvested pecans. Sadly, most of them are wasted as it is physically impossible to harvest the sheer numbers that fall off the tree out front:

Ingredients for a cheese sauce that I put over broccoli, cauliflower and brown rice. We ate it before I could snap a picture. I just like the color composition in this one...
Tonight's special treat:
Banana Bread!!!

Relatively low in carbs and sugar. I used one tablespoon of raw sugar (vs the cup that the recipe called for) and substituted the flower with a mixture of Fiber One cereal, oats and milled flax seed.

Very delicious with tea.
My kitchen "experiments" have been working well so far. I have lost a small amount of weight, but more importantly, my blood sugar has decreased dramatically.
When I was diagnosed, I had a fasting level of 175. In case you don't know what that means, a normal person would have a reading between 80 and 120. I was getting readings of 240 after eating. I'm now on only one pill for control and I am getting readings right around 110 and only going up as high as 150 when I eat . I'm not "over it" yet, but I plan to get to where this is completely under control without medication, and without ever ingesting artificial anything.
I go for my next A1C test in a few weeks. The first one was a 10, which is very, very bad. I'll post the results of the next one here as well.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Excuse For Not Blogging #3845

Sewer backed up and spewed vile unmentionable waste all over the unfinished bathroom.
I wish I was joking.
I hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happiness is...

...having a husband who thinks I am the best cook in the world. I love cooking and I love food. Well, obviously I love food, I didn't get this physique from rice cakes and celery ;)
I was hoping to show off a few of my creations here today, but apparently the absolutely beautiful pictures of my butternut squash soup were eaten by my sd card so it's a Mexican fiesta themed blog.

First up is a simple tortilla casserole:

It's not pretty, but it's delicious and is packed with nutrients in the form of spinach, mushrooms, onion, peppers, black beans and quorn meat crumbles. Using less tortillas and cheese (about half the amount you would find in a similar restaurant dish) also keeps it low in carbs and fat.

Cilantro and lime...

...are not only photogenic, but an absolute must have for any Mexican inspired meals that I make. I'm way more of a fan of Pacific coast or Baja style dishes than Tex-Mex. And it's healthier too.

Our convection oven recently crapped out and rather than spend a lot on a new one we got this inexpensive toaster oven ($35 at Target):

I love that it's stainless steel so it matches the motif of my kitchen. I also love the glow, it's somehow comforting.

Tonight was fajitas. I had to take a picture of the peppers and onions because the colors were too pretty:

And from last night, I bring you "Lucky Mud Luvs Nomming Asparagus:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Huge Refrigerator is HUGE

Jason and I acquired this behemoth from his mother last year. It sat in our garage until recently, owing to the fact that until recently, our kitchen was a hole in the middle of the house.
Last night we went grocery shopping, I mean REAL grocery shopping. For the last several months grocery shopping was a small, sordid ritual of buying what we needed for that night's dinner. Last night we bought everything we could think of to stock up for at least one Kroger-free week. We used a trolley instead of our usual hand basket. My car's spacious trunk wa full. We bought 5, FIVE loaves of bread (good, sprouted grain low carb bread) and 4 cartons of soy milk! It took both of us two trips to unload the car.
And this fridge...
...still looks empty.