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Monday, January 11, 2010

Greetings From The Fuuuuture!

It is the year 2010 and while we aren't dosing ourselves with Soma, burning books, terraforming mars, or mating with alien ooloi; one cannot deny that this is the future. Big Brother is more of a bad Soviet Russia joke (in Soviet Russia YOU watch Big Brother) and no one I know has replicant sheep invading their dreams, but we are here.
Wanna know how I know?
Well since you asked, I am blogging from my 5oz "smart" phone (so please forgive the typos). Yep, in the future technology is smart. Smart phones, smart cars, smart grid infrastructure. Brains I could only dream of possesing right at my fingertips.
And what to I do with this power I posses? Why I browser failblog of course. And lose a little more of my grey matter with each click through to the comments.
Perhaps the visionaries of the past, aka the scifi authors of the 50s-70s were on to something with all that doom and gloom about humanity relying too much on technology. I admit to texting when I could easily call, and honestly I haven't memorized a phone number since 1999, but I still haven't embraced all technology. I still prefer brick and mortar to online shopping and I do not social network.
But damn if I'm not wasting a lot of time playing video games.

On a completely different subject: I have reopened Your Blog Is Awesome so please poke around.

*Bonus. this post refers to five pretty well know works of science fiction. If you can name them all you win your choice of a flying car or jet pack.
**edit: six actually, but one is very obscure. If you get all six you win the talking spaceship computer of your choice.


  1. Unless it's an actual blog, reading the comments is my litmus test of whether it's time to turn the computer off now. Before my soul dies.

  2. I couldn't even begin to guess what sci fi references there are and I actually am not too sure what a 'smart' phone is. I presume it's really good at chess. But I do know about google, so off I go to google it.

  3. Did you make a Martian Chronicles joke?