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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Planned to Write...

...but I just stepped outside and it is about seventy degrees and raining lightly. I think I'm just going to sit out here and enjoy it for a while.

Well okay, I suppose I could sit here and write. After all, my phone is smarter than I am.

I had my follow up visit with my doctor on Friday and I'm doing really well. My a1c dropped from a 10.5 to 6.7 which puts me back in the range of normal (yay normal!). I've lost 15 lbs since October and I have about 20 to go before I am a Yes, I admit I have been heavy and I am losing the weight for my health, but honestly, I will never be thin. I'm almost a size 12 right now but I doubt I will get much smaller because I doubt my six foot tall skeleton would even fit in a 10.
On the upside, I don't feel as if I've sacrificed anything to do this. Quite to the contrary, we have been eating better than ever before.
My next test is in April. I plan to be fit enough to get off the meds... I hope.


  1. Congrats on the test results! And for such clear writing from your phone! As a six foot amazon myself, I think size 12 is quite lovely. I was a 10 once for about 3 months during my marathon phase. Sadly, the size went away, but the pants remained in the closet to taunt me!

  2. 70 degrees? Oh, you suck! (We're having ice storms up here!)

  3. Shift down the bell curve high five!

  4. I agree it was -15F with the windchill last night here. and yay! standing applause for doing so well!