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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Aftermath

We had a grand total of three trick-or-treaters show up last night. Apparently this was pretty normal all over town. I suppose this has a lot to do with the sad state of the world today. No more concrete and steel playgrounds, no more delicious lead based paint chips to chew on, no more trick or treating. Kids today are soft, I tell you, soft!
Or not, the little jerks were probably terrorizing the rich neighborhoods or whooping it up at Six Flags.
On a positive note, I was smart enough to buy the good stuff, so we have snack sized packs of Goldfish, dark chocolate Kisses and Toblerone minis (oops, make that had Toblerone minis) to snack on this week.

And now, just to be completely random, here's a picture of me and Sally wearing our most winning smiles:
I'm still trying to get a good picture to show off the weight loss, but there seems to be something wrong with my face in most of them. 

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  1. I buy things I am allergic to for trick or treat candy. Or I used to - we don't get anyone at the door anymore. It's very religious where I live now.