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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tale of Frizzilocks and The Three Gadgets

Once upon a time there was a girl who fancied herself a decent writer. She wanted to share her deepest, innermost thoughts with the world, so she started a blog. At first it was fun, her husband had given her a laptop so she could write her blogs almost anywhere.
But then she got her first smart phone and found that browsing humor sites from the palm of her hand was so much more convenient than lugging out the laptop, and blogging fell by the wayside. It's not that she didn't want to blog, but her phone, while smart, was very small and not the easiest thing to type on. Soon she was writing once a month apologies for not being more prolific. She promised that she would write more when she got a better phone, for at this time, the cell phone industry had made great improvements in multimedia applications and her contract was about to expire.
So the girl bought an android phone, with an on screen keyboard and voice recognition software. She wrote a blog post, it worked. But then she played with the phone for a while and found that blogging with a phone, even an android phone that knew what she was about to type before she did, was not as easy as it seemed.
And then, on Black Friday, while the girl was busy being very bored at work, her husband braved the crowds to find the solution to all of her problems. You see, Monday is her birthday, and her husband happens to be the most wonderful human monkey who has ever lived, so being wonderful, he could not wait until Monday to give her the gift. He placed in her hands a box. A smallish, lightweight box which contained a netbook, a 10 inch, three pound, Windows 7 enabled netbook that was not too big, and not too small.
There was much rejoicing. And the girl has no excuses, she will write, she will be funny, dammit.

The End.

Seriously, I got a netbook, how cool is this?
In other news...
Okay, since I work in wholesale distribution, it's technically been he holiday season for me since August, and the stores started pulling out the green and red before Halloween. But now the turkey has been eaten, football has been played, and Elmo apparently took a dive, so Christmas is ON! The best part? WE'RE DONE SHOPPING! Seriously, finished that stuff today, here's the result:
No, that's not a pile of quilting quarters, thems is presents! No, I am not telling you what they are, but you'll find out.
Since I don't have to frantically spend the next month running from store to store, I plan to dedicate the next month to more crazy holiday themed stories. In the mean time, here's Luke, enjoying the comforts of a spoiled dog:

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  1. your mama, PatriciaNovember 29, 2010 at 5:37 PM

    Happy Blogday Frizzilocks! I love to read your blog cause you always make me smile. You are a great prolific writer and should be honored by all society for your contributions to the joy of mankind. I will nominate you for the nobel prize in literature and I predict here and now that you shall win it!