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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Tinker Tree, Oh Tinker Tree!

How flimsy are thy branches!

Seeing as I had neither the time nor space to embark on my insane project of making a tree out of hangers tape and green lights, we put up the tinker tree again this year. We tried to add lights, but the end result was as disastrous as you would imagine. This thing doesn't stand up very well when it's bare. We did add some new decorations this year:
We had to represent Hanukkah, though I admit to having no real clue as to how one plays with a dreidel so I made up my own rules. Every time I spun and it stayed on the table I won. This is a very hard game to play. 
I made this snowflake cookie star wood and glitter thing in 1978, which incidentally, is the year my crafting skills peaked. Notice how there's a drum in that picture, and the one above? Look at this next picture:
Look! Another drum! Obviously, I bought the drums because my husband is a drummer who now also makes drums, but seeing as there are so many on the tree, it has become a fair representation of our home (oops, I think I just heard Jason putting coal in my stocking). The airplane was added because it's about the same size as the plane I flew last year. Crowding the plane is an ornament I made last year. I told you my skills peaked 32 years ago.

Our local grocery store is now advertising that they have the freshest trees in town. Either I've been missing out on the culinary delights of Scotch pine souffle, or  that's a thinly veiled advertisement for drugs. Given the grocery store in question, I'm going with the latter.
Someday I'd like to have a real tree, but I don't like the idea of cutting down a tree for the sake of one month of decoration, and I don't like the idea of a fire hazard/dog disaster in my living room. So one day, when we are rich, I will have a large house with an atrium, where I will grow a magnificent pine tree that I will decorate every year. Granted, this doesn't solve the dog disaster issue. 


  1. Nor are you taking into account the possibility of accidentally harboring talking chipmunks. :)

  2. Hola!, from PatriciaDecember 13, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    It is a lovely tree in a Charlie Brown kind of way. I remember that ornament that you made in Mrs. Wilson's pre-K class, I am glad that you put it up each year, it is probably the oldest thing you own. I miss all the little doodads that you all made for me when you were in school. I remember the time that paulie put two little eyes on a pinecone in 2nd grade, I have never found out what it was supposed to be, but I had it for many years before it dried out too much to display.
    well, Hola again,
    from your mama,