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Monday, October 8, 2012

No One Is Going to Read This

But just in case anyone is reading...

I fell off the blogging bandwagon almost two years ago and a lot has happened in the time. My husband hit the big 4-oh. My sister got married. My parents lost their house to a flood and are now settling into new house in a higher elevation. My weight has remained steady, but keeping it there is more work that I'd like it to be.


I finished my book. The one I was bitching about for years. It is done and in the next week it will be available through Kindle for the grand sum of $.99, but I also plan to do the free promotion.

The hard part now is going to be figuring out how to promote it. I may start a book blog, I may make a Facebook page, I will NOT tweet because I still can't get the hang of that nonsense.

Hell, I can barely figure out the new Blogger format.

But whatever I do decide, I'll post something here. In the event the universe is watching.

-The ghost of ambition past

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