These Blogs Are Awesome!

These Blogs Are Awesome!

All of the following blogs linked here were featured on my now defunct site: Your Blog Is Awesome. If I've done this right, this page will stand alone and have it's own tab on the main page.
As I discover more awesome blogs, they will be added here.
Thanks for taking a look!

Sage wisdom and epicurean delight:

Design eye candy:

Insight into life with a parent with Alzheimers:

Design ideas, product inspiration and painting tips:

The interweb chain of happiness:

One cool cat:

The adventures of Wall-E:

Crazy cat stories:

Life on a farm is cooler than you thought:

Why does Google think you want to know that?:

Amazing photography:

A glimpse into the future that never was:

The best cheese  blog ever:

Smiling faces in the strangest places:

Random information gleaned from Wikipedia:

Life in the bayou state:

Slapping some manners into our lives:

When crafts go wrong, it's awesome:

My favorite Brit:

Support for people who love nerds, geeks and fan boys:

4th best dog in the world, after mine, of course:

Typewriting monkeys: